Advantages of a POE Architecture for Space Utilization.

GSM_InfoG_POEAt GreenSpace, we’ve developed a PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) architecture for our space utilization system. But how does this system work, and what are the advantages?

PoE enables us to power our monitoring systems through the same cable that transfers the data. All of our sensors and indicators accept a standard CAT5 ethernet cable that can power them while communicating with our servers.

This system provides multiple advantages over other common systems. Other solutions require multiple hardware contact points such as power supplies and excess routers, along with requiring excess cables for both power and data transfer. This leads to unnecessary points of failure along with increased hardware costs.

The GreenSpace solution simplifies this architecture while providing the most comprehensive occupancy management system in the industry. The PoE architecture enables us to abandon the need for cluttered cable lines, separate power supplies, and even system controllers. All that is required for our system to run is a PoE switch, a single power supply for the switch, and a sole ethernet cable running to each individual sensor. That’s it. You don’t have to pay hefty costs for hardware alone anymore, and the lack of hardware makes troubleshooting a simple task.

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