Must-Read Articles 11/11/17

Hello, everyone! We hope you had a great weekend. Here you’ll find a compilation of interesting articles that we enjoyed ourselves last week. We hope that these will inspire you with new ideas for your workplace and facility management teams!

How different designs will shape the way your team works.

This short read is a good breakdown of some of the more modern approaches to workplace design. Andre gives an overview of four of the major new workspaces including active, flexible, healthy, and natural designs. If you’ve been hearing a lot about these different approaches and weren’t sure of what the differences were, this is a good place to start.

One of the best articles we’ve read on workplace flexibility.

Writing for Slate, Morra Aarons-Mele was written an excellent piece on the different perspectives on flexible working and how we need to break some of the corresponding stigmas. From women feeling forced to only use it for caregiving needs to negotiating a better schedule with your boss, Aarons-Mele covers a broad subject well in a decent amount of time. “Americans don’t seem to mind feeling tethered to office work by their devices, as long as they don’t have to physically be at the office.”

We can’t emphasize the need for flexibility and communication enough.

This article is a much shorter version of this one, but it gets the point across. We constantly read that organizations are often slow to adapt to these changes, yet we’re still not seeing the necessary changes to make these goals a reality. It may be time to consider some of the new options that are available to make the process simpler, such as implementing a space utilization system to make it easier to create a flexible workplace.

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