Must-Read Articles 09/30/17

Hello, everyone! We hope you had a great weekend. Here you’ll find a compilation of interesting articles that we enjoyed ourselves last week. We hope that these will inspire you with new ideas for your workplace and facility management teams!

“Organisations need to measure the success of their space incorporating the return on investment…”

Glen Foster wrote this great article for Corenet on current technology trends that are affecting our workforce now or are in the process of becoming the norm. Everything from space utilization, user experience, and even getting more art into workplaces are discussed, so we recommend taking a look at this run down to get informed and inspired.

“[Space utilization is] Almost never over 50% and in our own utilization studies…”

In discussing how smart workplaces can both increase performance and attractiveness to potential talent, Kati Barklund provides some useful information about the current state of workplaces and how smart technologies could help fix these issues. She discusses not only productivity problems but also unemployment and the need to attract talent with these systems in place.

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