Must-Read Articles 09/16/17

Hello, everyone! We hope you had a great weekend. Here you’ll find a compilation of interesting articles that we enjoyed ourselves last week. We hope that these will inspire you with new ideas for your workplace and facility management teams!

Find out how your building stacks up.

Neasa MacErlean writes about the growing trend among businesses to compare and understand how their offices are designed compared to other regions in the world as well as their own. MacErlean does state that it’s important to understand one’s own work culture and take it all into consideration when drawing these comparisons, but she still believes that comparison can lead to new ideas that lead to creating the best and most efficient environment possible.

Rethinking your space involves more than desk arrangement.

This may seem like common knowledge, but if you’re looking around your office and you think of your break room as dull, it may be time to rethink your approach. With links to great sources to back her point that regular breaks are important for productivity, Natasha Stokes gives some great, simple ideas that can improve the break space, even suggesting that it may need to be a manager-free zone.

“Leaders throughout the commercial real estate world are tuning in ever more closely to smart building trends.”

Arie Barendrecht has written a fantastic article on what trends are becoming normalized throughout the business world in terms of smart building functionality. From optimizing HVAC systems to reducing energy usage and smart lighting sensors, much of the focus is on reducing energy costs and helping the environment. We were aware of these growing trends which is why we implemented integrated lighting controls along with an open API for HVAC control (among other functions) into our newest sensors.

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