Must-Read Articles 09/09/17

Hello, everyone! We hope you had a great weekend. Here you’ll find a compilation of interesting articles that we enjoyed ourselves last week. We hope that these will inspire you with new ideas for your workplace and facility management teams!

“In today’s workplace, focusing on organizational outcomes is only one part of the success equation; organizations need to also prioritize employee well-being in order to be sustainable.”

Paula Davis-Laack speaks from experience when writing out 5 simple ways you can start to change your workplace culture to help your team be the best they can be. One of the practices that really caught our eye was the very first one regarding team autonomy. We have always been a big proponent of allowing team members to have space to work in whatever way is best for them. One way to encourage autonomy is to implement a flexible work policy that enables your team to work in their best environments and only need to come into the office when absolutely necessary. In order to make such a big change, you may want to consider a space utilization system to help keep things organized and easy for your team to find space when they need it.

“… growing numbers of companies want offices that not only make the most of the space but also get the best from the people inside.”

In this article, Richard Paine discusses the increasing need for urban developers to consider the effect of a building’s exterior as a factor in people well-being, not just the inside. He argues for a more gestalt-theory style approach in which the environment as a whole affects every person in the area, and it’s pretty convincing.

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