Must-Read Articles 07/29/17

Hello, everyone! We hope you had a great weekend. Here you’ll find a compilation of interesting articles that we enjoyed ourselves last week. We hope that these will inspire you with new ideas for your workplace and facility management teams!

Congrats are in order for Washington D.C.!

The Washington D.C. area has officially ranked number one for EnergyStar ratings for three years in a row! They were able to save millions of dollars while avoiding tons of carbon emissions at the same time. If there is any doubt about the cost-saving benefits of going green, this alone should counter those fears.

“Attracting talent is not easy, and losing it is expensive…”

FM World took this article to break down key points in the latest Cushman and Wakefield regarding workplace wellness and employee retention. With recruiting costing up to double the cost of retaining a good team member, the economic value of a human-centric workspace design alone is worth considering. To those that aren’t convinced by some of the evidence they say, “…ignore the critics who say the evidence isn’t scientific enough and look to impose a standard of evidence not required for other workplace investment.”

“Flexibility refers to providing employees with multiple choices of workspaces so they can match the space they choose to what they are trying to accomplish.”

This article by William Polk at JLL Real Views is one of the better discussions about workplace values that we’ve read. From offering practical amenities to a balanced but flexible work style, these values are very reasonable and very applicable for any organization. Many of these values can benefit from applying an occupancy management system to simplify workspace processes.

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