Planning for the future: How much workspace do we need?

GSM_InfoG_ScalabilityPlanning your real-estate requirements in advance is a daunting task for any organization. Whether you are looking to expand your workspace or seeking to save money by reducing unused space, occupancy analytics are crucial to understanding what you actually need for an efficient change.

Undergoing an occupancy study is a necessary step, but traditional manual studies leave too much room for error. In a workspace that incorporates flexible workers, people move around often, making occupancy rates difficult to track. Integrating an occupancy management solution such as GreenSpace enables everyone to go about their day as we quietly aggregate the data for you.

There’s no need to pay someone to stand there awkwardly and try to keep track of a large group of moving people and how often each space is used. Our sensors are already there and out of the way, simultaneously gathering these analytics while also powering the scheduling processes as well. We’re able to analyze every room in real-time, and to those concerned, we aren’t keeping track of whether Johnny is really working at his desk. Our sensors are simply people counting and occupancy tracking devices utilizing infrared – we’re not into scanning faces here.

Once you’ve undergone a study, you’ll be able to properly assess your real-estate needs. If you decide to scale up your organization, GreenSpace will easily scale with you, and the same goes for reducing your real-estate (it’s finally time to be rid of that weird conference room with no windows that everyone hates). Regardless of which way you decide to go, GreenSpace is poised to fit any size organization with ease.

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